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Wine tasting fees apply at most wineries (redeemable on wine purchase in most cases). We do not include wine tasting fees or food in our pricing.



We understand, having a good time means not being rushed. You can feel free to kick on and extend your day, it's just $60ph 



The price we quote for tours/transfers are often based on a “standard” kilometer range that we thinks makes for a better use of your day. There are 120 cellar doors in the Margaret River area and most are good! If you want to travel “a long way” we reserve the right to reissue the quoted price. 



If you've accepted a quote and we have sent through some itinerary ideas, maybe made some bookings, maybe knocked back other work - ideally we'd be compensated! If it's last minute we may miss out on doing a tour altogether. If it's a Saturday, that's a big hit for us (or the people we owe money to). Please be reasonable and offer compensation or talk with us about a reasonable fee!



The price includes a transfer, with no additional stops & taking the most direct route. When we collect you, we allow for ten mins for you to join us in the van. After this, we charge at $60 per hour (pro-rata).



We love dogs and are happy to have them in the van but if the van needs a vacuum at the end of the day, it's just $30, $60 if it's a husky!


spills and ills

Its fine to have a drink in the van, I would if I was on a tour and had half hour or more to drive! But if you spill - let us know so we can clean it up properly so it doesn't smell!

And if you were ill from car sickness or whatever, please let us know if you need a bag - understand, if we need to clean, you need to pay!

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